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Wednesday, 11 November 2009


All gigs require the following work:

  • Removal of leathers
  • Sand down thoroughly
  • Re-varnish (minimum of two coats). Please note: a light sanding, with fine sandpaper will be required between each coat of varnish
  • Paddle number and colour of respective gig to be added to all relevant sets of paddles
  • Gig to be cleaned throughout

Where bear wood, or obvious rubbing is showing (includes plats/rudder):

  • Thorough sanding (coarse sandpaper)
  • Paint with Wood Primer
  • Light sanding (fine sandpaper)
  • Paint with Undercoat
  • Light sanding
  • Gloss
If there is not suitable paint in the gig sheds (please check) this can be put on the Gig Club account at the Chandlery, Thorofare. Sandpaper should be available in the shed.

If you notice any obvious problems, e.g. broken plats, lost seat supports etc. please inform a Committee member.

If you feel you need any advice on how to approach any of the above tasks please contact Colin Jenkins, John Bird or Andrew King.

All gig refurbishments are to be completed by 31st January 2010. Failure to adhere to this request will result in a forfeit of your crews use of the particular boat for the 2010 domestic racing season.

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