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St. Mary's Gig Club was formed from the Isles of Scilly Gig Rowing Association in 2008, with approximately 80 members and growing, this website will hopefully keep everyone up-to-date with news, stories, events, photos, fundraising, race results and more...

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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

For Sale: ‘Islander’

The 'Islander' was originally built in 1989 by local boat builder Tom Chudleigh as a competition boat for racing against mainland crews. She was Scillies flag ship for many years winning men's and woman's World Pilot Gig Championships. She was probably Tom's finest gig. Last Winter (2008/09) she had an £8,000 refurbishment completed by Peter Martin. She has been used the last few years for junior crews to be able to take part in the adult races and it is with regret we must look to sell her to help keep our older gigs in full racing order.

£12,000 o.n.o
To see the Islander in action see: Islander
For more details contact Joel Williams: JWilliams@scilly.gov.uk

Friday, 20 November 2009

Be Be Creations

Greeting Cards, Limited Edition prints & original paintings.
Commissions accepted. Contact Tessa Lloyd on 01720 423630

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


All gigs require the following work:

  • Removal of leathers
  • Sand down thoroughly
  • Re-varnish (minimum of two coats). Please note: a light sanding, with fine sandpaper will be required between each coat of varnish
  • Paddle number and colour of respective gig to be added to all relevant sets of paddles
  • Gig to be cleaned throughout

Where bear wood, or obvious rubbing is showing (includes plats/rudder):

  • Thorough sanding (coarse sandpaper)
  • Paint with Wood Primer
  • Light sanding (fine sandpaper)
  • Paint with Undercoat
  • Light sanding
  • Gloss
If there is not suitable paint in the gig sheds (please check) this can be put on the Gig Club account at the Chandlery, Thorofare. Sandpaper should be available in the shed.

If you notice any obvious problems, e.g. broken plats, lost seat supports etc. please inform a Committee member.

If you feel you need any advice on how to approach any of the above tasks please contact Colin Jenkins, John Bird or Andrew King.

All gig refurbishments are to be completed by 31st January 2010. Failure to adhere to this request will result in a forfeit of your crews use of the particular boat for the 2010 domestic racing season.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Monday, 19 October 2009

Meeting to discuss World Pilot Gig Championship Crews 2010

There is a meeting arranged on Thursday night at 7.30pm (22nd Oct) to discuss possible procedures for this years upcoming Champs. Venue to be Tregarthens Conservatory.

We are looking to ensure that the whole club is able to have a say regarding possible ideas to select crews and boats, whether this be left up to each crew/cox/a selection process etc.

If you are intending to row in this years Champs, whether it be seriously of for fun please come along, also if you could all encourage any other gig club members to attend, any prospective rowers and coxswains that would be really helpful.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

2009 Season Results

Click on the links for the results of the domestic season including points totals.

Ladies Results 2009

Mens Results 2009

Thursday, 17 September 2009


The Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday 18th October 2009, venue and time to be confirmed.

If club members have any items for the agenda please forward them in writing to the chairman or a committee member at least 7 days before the meeting.

Friday, 28 August 2009

St Mary's Gig Club Draft Constitution

The following draft of the proposed constitution will be put up for adoption at the AGM to be held on 18th October 2009. If you have any comments regarding the draft please address them to the chair of the gig club in writing by 1st October 2009.

1. Name
The name of the club shall be the St Mary’s Gig Club (hereinafter referred to as ‘the

2. Club Aim and Objectives

The aim of the club is to promote, facilitate and develop the sport of gig rowing on St
Mary’s, Isles of Scilly.
In addition the club’s objectives are:
a. To encourage participation in the sport of gig rowing through a membership policy
based on inclusion and accessibility for all, the Club is particularly keen to promote the
inclusion and accessibility of gig rowing for juniors of secondary school age.
b. To facilitate the sport of gig rowing in a safe manner by the provision of appropriate
equipment and approved levels of teaching, supervision and coaching.
c. To encourage an active, friendly social life within the club for the benefit of the
d. To maintain boats and other club assets in such a way that ensures the long term
viability and sustainability of the club.

3. General Committee

a. The Officers of the Club shall consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer,
Secretary and a minimum of 3 and up to 10 other members. In the event of an Officer
giving up office during the year, a replacement will be elected by the General Committee.
b. The Committee shall meet quarterly or as necessary to examine the accounts and
arrange the affairs of the Club. Minutes shall be taken of all the proceedings of the
Committee by the Secretary,
c. A quorum for a meeting of the General Committee shall consist of at least two Officers
and three other committee members.
d. The Treasurer shall receive all monies due to the Club and shall, when required present
to the Committee or Annual General Meeting (AGM) an account of receipts and
disbursements. All cheques drawn on the Club account to be signed by two authorised
signatories from the Offices of the Club.

4. General Committee Duties

The General Committee is responsible for:
a. The administration of the club.
b. The management of the assets of the Club, including the running and maintenance of
any boats managed by the Club.
c. Control of the funds of the Club, ensuring that funds and assets are applied solely for
the purposes of advancing the objectives of the club and are not in any way distributed in
cash or in kind to members.
d. The formulation and implementation of such Rules and Regulations of the Club as
they shall from time to time think fit.

5. Membership Categories

There shall be the following categories of membership with power to vote at all General
Meetings as indicated:
a. Adult Member – being an individual of 18 years or more on 1 April who shall have
one vote.
b. Junior Member – being an individual of ten years or more on 1 April but below the age
of 18 on 1 April who shall have no vote.

6. Membership Rules

a. Members shall pay annual subscriptions at the rates recommended by the General
Committee and approved by the Annual General Meeting. Adjustments to annual
subscriptions are to be recommended by the general committee and approved at the
AGM. During their term of office the Chair will be exempt from paying membership
b. Subscriptions shall be paid by 1st April each year and only paid up members are
entitled to vote at meetings and to row the Club’s boats.
c.New members joining the Club part way through the year will be charged a reduced rate at a
level agreed by the General Committee
d. Membership is non-discriminatory and is open to all persons interested in supporting
the objectives of the club.
The Committee has the right to expel any member acting contrary to the interests or the
good name of the Club, or who make themselves generally obnoxious to the membership.
In this instance, the member would not be entitled to any refund of subscriptions paid.

7. Annual General Meetings

a. An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year on a date to be fixed by the
General Committee, by giving no less than 10 days notice to members. The interval
between these meetings must not be greater than 15 months.
b. Committee members will retire annually and be eligible for re-election. In the event of
there being more nominations than vacancies, elections shall be by ballot. To ensure a
broad level of representation and involvement in the running of the Club, members
should not serve on the Committee for more than five consecutive years. The Committee
can ask a member to serve for longer, at their discretion.
c. The agenda for the AGM comprises:
i) Chairperson's annual report
ii) Treasurer's annual report including a balance sheet and statement of accounts for the
preceding financial period, and an estimate of the receipts and expenditure for the current
financial period.
iii) Election of Officers for the Committee.
iv) Election of remaining ordinary Committee members
v) To decide on any resolutions duly submitted for consideration – setting of fees
vi) To discuss any other relevant business.
d. A group of no less than 10 paid up members who are entitled to vote may request, in
writing and signed by all such members, the General Committee to call a Special General
e. A quorum for an AGM shall consist of five general committee members and no less
than two Officers, one of whom must be the Chair or Vice Chair and 8 paid up members
eligible to vote.
f. Changes to the Constitution may only be made at a General Meeting called in
accordance with the rules above.

8. Club Facilities and Assets

Members of the Club use the facilities provided by the Club entirely at their own risk,
and by implication accept that:
a. The Club will not accept any liability for any damage to or loss of property belonging
to members.
b. The Club will not accept any liability for personal injury arising out of use of facilities
of the Club, sustained or caused by members or their guests, or caused by members or
their guests, whether or not such injury could have been attributed or was occasioned by
the neglect, fault or negligence of any of them, or the General Committee.
c. Whilst on the water the coxswain is considered in charge of the vessel and is ultimately
responsible for the safety of the crew and ensuring they comply with the club rules.
d. All members of a crew taking a boat out have a shared responsibility for the care,
protection and safe use of the gig both on the shore and on the water, including
transporting the boat to the beach, launching, rowing, recovery to the beach, and storage
in a good condition for use by the next crew.
e. All active rowing members are required to participate in the gig maintenance

9. Trustees
There shall be at least 3 and not more than 5 trustees of the Club, who will have the
following duties:
a. In the event of no General Committee being formed or the General Committee being
disbanded, the trustees will assume temporary responsibility for the running of the Club
until a General Committee is formed. If a General Committee is still not formed after 9
months, then the club will be disbanded.
b. In the event of a major split within the Club, which cannot be resolved by the General
Committee then the trustees will become responsible for the assets of the Club as above.
c. The trustees will have no responsibility for the running of the Club in normal
circumstances, unless they hold any other position within the Club.
d. The appointment or removal of trustees will be the responsibility of the existing
trustees, and written notification will be given to the Chairman of the General Committee
of the Club when any change has taken place.
e. The trustees shall have no personal liability for any debts of the Club and shall be
indemnified by the General Committee against any liability, costs, expenses or payments
properly incurred or made by them.
f. If the Club should for any reasons be disbanded, all assets are to be either donated to
other rowing clubs within the local proximity or sold at market value, the entire proceeds
(after liabilities have been met) are to be donated to a local sports charity or non profit
making organisation. No individual member may draw financial profit from such a sale.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Fun Day

What a great day Sunday was, the weather turned out great after a minor dull spell. Thank you especially to Lynn, David & Tony for their BBQ skills, Rachel Lewin for helping on the bar, Helen Austin-Pearce for organising the mixed race, Ali Douglas for coxing the juniors and to all St Mary's Club members who gave up their time and helped out. Hopefully we can make this an annual event.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Royal Visit

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, visited St. Mary's Gig Club, Thursday 2nd July.

Charles admired the recently restored Golden Eagle, for which the Duchy of Cornwall kindly assisted with the renovation costs.
Prince Chales and Camilla spoke with Joel Williams (Chairman) and Peter Martin (Boatbuilder) and also met many of the club members including the Golden Eagle ladies crew and junior rowers.

Photograph taken from: www.merryroyals.com


Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Quay Collections 2009


Friday 3rd July GOLDEN EAGLE
Friday 10th July NORNOUR
Friday 17th July SLIPPEN
Friday 24th July BONNET
Friday 31st July GOLDEN EAGLE
Friday 7th August NORNOUR
Friday 14th August SLIPPEN
Friday 21st August BONNET
Friday 28th Augustto Bryher
Friday 4th September Handicap Race GOLDEN EAGLE
Friday 11th September ?RACE? NORNOUR
Friday 18h September ?RACE?SLIPPEN


Wednesday 1st July to St Agnes
Wednesday 8th July BONNET
Wednesday 15th Julyto Tresco
Wednesday 22nd July GOLDEN EAGLE
Wednesday 29th JulyISLANDER
Wednesday 5th August NORNOUR
Wednesday 12th August to Bryher
Wednesday 19th August SLIPPEN
Wednesday 26th August Handicap RaceBONNET
Wednesday 2nd September GOLDEN EAGLE
Wednesday 9th September ?RACE? ISLANDER
Wednesday16th September ?RACE? NORNOUR

Monday, 29 June 2009

GIG FUN DAY - Sunday 12th July

Be prepared.... the fun day is coming. A Family Fun Day on Porthmellon Beach is currently in organisational stages and will be advertised as soon as possible this week. Please keep this Sunday afternoon free to attend as the more the merrier! We are hoping to start at about 1.30pm and have a BBQ, Bar, Music, Gig Races, Wellie Throwing, 'Its a Knockout', Sandcastle competition and more (once confirmed). All help on the day will be greatfully received. Proceeds go to St. Mary's Gig Club.

Full details will be published online here as soon as possible.

Bonnet, Slippen and Nornour

Photograph by Andrew King

Wednesday, 17 June 2009



Other Races

Newquay Mens Weekend

Sunday 4th October 2009 - Mixed, Diamond Ledge - St Mary's Quay

1st - Nornour
2nd - Emma Louise
3rd - Hope
4th - Iron Maid
5th - Tregarthens
6th - Islander
7th - Spy
8th - Bonnet
DNF - Golden Eagle

Sunday 4th October 2009 - Crow - Lower Town

1st - Tregarthens
2nd - Emma Louise
3rd - Spy
4th - Iron maid
5th - Islander
6th - Hope
7th - Galatea
8th - Nornour
9th - Golden Eagle
10th - Bonnet

Saturday 3rd October 2009 - Nut Rock

1st - Emma Louise (Slippen)
2nd - Tregarthens (Bonnet)
3rd - Emperor (Czar)
4th - Iron Maid (Dauntless)
5th - Spy (Newquay)
6th - Hope (Newquay)
7th - Islander (Nornour)
8th - Nornour (Newquay)
9th - Golden Eagle

Ladies Invitation Weekend Sept 09

Saturday 19th September 2009 - Nut Rock

1st - Emperor (Men A Vaur)
2nd - Emma Louise (Bonnet)
3rd - Tregarthens (Golden Eagle)
4th - Petroc (Padstow)
5th - Czar
6th - Spy (Newquay)
7th - Rose? (Cadgwith)
8th - Golden Eagle? (Coverack)
9th - Lyonnesse? (Shah)

Sunday 20th September - Guthers to Lower Town

1st - Emperor
2nd - Emma Louise
3rd - Petroc
4th - Tregarthens
5th - Spy
6th - Nornour? (Scilly)
7th - Rose?
8th - Islander? (Nornour)
9th - Golden Eagle?

Mixed Race, Creeb to St Mary's Quay

1st - Spy
2nd - Emma Louise
3rd - Tregarthens

Jubilee Cup (Mixed Crews), Nut Rock - New Grimsby, 14th June 2009

1st - Tregarthens
2nd - Emperor
3rd - Emma Louise
4th - Dauntless
5th - Men A Vaur
6th - Golden Eagle
7th - Czar (just!)
8th - Islander (Junior Crew)

Below is a picture of the winning crew on return to St Mary's.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Womens Results - Swaps


1st - Men A Vaur 55pts
2nd - Bonnet 49pts

3rd - Czar 39pts
4th - Golden Eagle 38pts
5th - Shah 25pts
6th - Slippen 22pts
7th - Nornour 14pts
8th - Dolphin 7pts

7th Swap - 9th September 2009

1st - Golden Eagle (MAV)
2nd - Slippen (BON)
3rd - Bonnet (CZA)
4th - Nornour (SHAH)
5th - Men A Vaur (NN) DQ
6th - Dolphin (GE)
7th - Shah (SLI)
8th - Czar (DOL)
9th -Islander

6th Swap - 26th August 2009

1st - Dolphin (MAV)
2nd - Shah (Bonnet)
3rd - Slippen (Czar) & Czar (GE)
4th - Emperor (No Points)
5th - Nornour (Slippen)
6th - Lyonnesse (NPt)
7th - Bonnet (Dolphin) DQ
8th - Golden Eagle (Nornour)
9th - Men A Vaur (Shah)
10th - Islander

5th Swap - 19th August 2009

1st - Czar (Men A Vaur)
2nd - Nornour (Bonnet)
3rd - Shah (Czar)
4th - Bonnet (Golden Eagle)
5th - Golden Eagle (Shah)
6th - Men A Vaur (Slippen)
7th - Dolphin (Nornour)
8th - Islander
9th - Emperor
10th - Slippen (Dolphin)

4th Swap - 22nd July 2009

1st - Bonnet (MAV)
2nd - Men a Vaur (Bonnet)
3rd - Nornour (Czar)
4th - Slippen (GE)
5th - Dolphin (Shah)
6th - Golden Eagle (Slippen)
7th - Czar (Nornour)
8th - Shah (Dolphin)

3rd Swap - 8th July 2009

1st - Golden Eagle (BON)
2nd - Slippen (MAV)
3rd - Shah (GE)
4th - Men A Vaur (CZAR)
5th - Czar (SHAH)
6th - Dolphin (SLI)
7th - Nornour (DOL) DQ
8th - Bonnet (Nornour)

2nd Swap - 17th June 2009

1st - Shah (MAV)
2nd - Dolphin (BON)
3rd - Nornour (GE)
4th - Golden Eagle (CZAR)
5th - Bonnet (SHAH)
6th - Czar (SLI)
7th - Men A Vaur (DOL)

W/D - Slippen (NOR)

1st Swap - From Nut Rock, 3rd June 2009

1st - Nornour (Men A Vaur Crew)
2nd - Czar (Bonnet Crew)
3rd - Men A Vaur (Golden Eagle Crew)
4th - Dolphin (Czar Crew)
5th - Shah (Nornour Crew)
6th - Bonnet (Slippen Crew)
7th - Slippen (Shah Crew)
8th - Golden Eagle (Dolphin Crew)

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Womens Results - Trophy Races

Race to Bryher - 12th August 09

1st - Men A Vaur
2nd - Bonnet
3rd - Czar
4th - Shah
5th - Golden Eagle
6th - Nornour
7th - Emperor
8th - Slippen
9th - Dolphin
10th - Islander
11th - Lyonnesse

Broken Paddle - Nut Rock to St Mary's - 5th August 09

1st - Men A Vaur
2nd - Bonnet
3rd - Golden Eagle
4th - Shah
5th - Czar
6th - Emperor
7th - Slippen
8th - Nornour
9th - Dolphin
10th - Lyonnesse
11th - Islander

Zimber Cup - St Agnes to St Mary's - 29th July 2009

1st - Bonnet
2nd - Golden Eagle
3rd - Men A Vaur
4th - Shah
5th - Slippen
6th - Czar
7th - Nornour
8th - Lyonesse

Steval - St Agnes - 1st July 2009

1st - Men A Vaur
2nd - Bonnet
3rd - Shah
4th - Czar?
5th - Golden Eagle?
6th - Nornour?
7th - Slippen?
8th - Dolphin?
9th - Lyonesse?

Yacht Club Triangle - 24th June 2009

1st - Bonnet
2nd - Men A Vaur
3rd - Czar
4th - Shah
5th - Golden Eagle
6th - Nornour
7th - Slippen

Carnweathers Shield, Guthers - Lower Town, 10th June 2009

1st - Bonnet
2nd - Men A Vaur
3rd - Golden Eagle
4th - Shah
5th - Czar
6th - Slippen
7th - Nornour
8th - Dolphin

Silver Teapot, Long Crow - Tresco, 27th May 2009

1st - Men A Vaur
2nd - Bonnet
3rd - Golden Eagle
4th - Czar
5th - Nornour
6th - Slippen

Rose Bowl Trophy, Triangle (St Mary's Quay), 20th May 2009

1st - Bonnet
2nd - Men A Vaur
3rd - Czar
4th - Golden Eagle
5th - Shah
6th - Nornour
7th - Slippen

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Mens Results - Swap Races

AS IT STANDS (1 Race Left)

1st - Czar 45pts (Bonnet)
2nd - Slippen 41pts (Shah)
3rd - Bonnet 39pts (Slippen)
4th - Nornour 26pts (Men A Vaur)
5th - Shah 22pts (Nornour)
6th - Golden Eagle 19pts (Dolphin)
7th - Dolphin 12pts (Czar)
8th - Men A Vaur 12pts (Golden Eagle)

6th Swap, 11th September 09

1st - Nornour (SLI)
2nd - Shah (BON)
3rd - Lyonesse
4th - Slippen (CZA)
5th - Men A Vaur (SHA)
6th - Golden Eagle (NOR)
7th - Czar (GEA)
8th - Emperor
9th - Bonnet (DOL)
10th - Dolphin (MAV)

5th Swap, 14th August 09

1st - Shah (Czar)
2nd - Men A Vaur (Slippen)
3rd - Nornour (Bonnet)
4th - Lyonnesse
5th - Dolphin (Nornour)
6th - Emperor
7th - Golden Eagle (Shah)
8th - Bonnet (Golden Eagle)
9th - Czar (Men A Vaur)
10th - Slippen (Dolphin)
11th - Islander

4th Swap, 31st July 09

1st - Golden Eagle (Slippen)
2nd - Nornour (Czar)
3rd - Men a Vaur (Bonnet)
4th - Dolphin (Shah)
5th - Lyonesse
6th - Czar (Nornour)
7th - Shah (Dolphin)
8th - Slippen (Golden Eagle)
9th - Bonnet (Men a Vaur)

3rd Swap, 3rd July 09

1st - Men A Vaur (Czar)
2nd - Dolphin (Slippen)
3rd - Golden Eagle (Bonnet)
4th - Dauntless
5th - Bonnet (Nornour)
6th - Czar (Shah)
7th - Shah (Golden Eagle)
8th - Lyonesse
9th - Nornour (Dolphin)
10th - Slippen (Men A Vaur)

The Emperor was in there somewhere too!

2nd Swap, 5th June 09

1st - Golden Eagle (Czar Crew)
2nd - Dolphin (Bonnet Crew)
3rd - Czar (Slippen Crew)
4th - Lyonesse (St Agnes, no points)
5th - Shah (Men A Vaur Crew)
6th - Nornour (Golden Eagle Crew)
7th - Bonnet (Shah Crew)
8th - Slippen (Nornour Crew)
9th - Emperor (Tresco & Bryher, No Points)
10th - Men A Vaur (Dolphin Crew)

1st Swap, 22nd May 2009

1st - Dolphin (Czar Crew)
2nd - Czar (Bonnet Crew)
3rd - Shah (Nornour Crew)
4th - Bonnet (Slippen)
5th - Men A Vaur (Golden Eagle)
6th - Golden Eagle (Dolphin)
7th - Nornour (Men A Vaur)
8th - Slippen (Shah)
9th - Lyonnesse


Mens Results - Trophy Races

Morley Cup - Higher Town to St Mary's - 21st August 2009

1st - Czar
2nd - Nornour
3rd - Bonnet
4th - Shah
5th - Slippen
6th - Lyonnesse
7th - Emperor
8th - Men A Vaur
9th - Golden Eagle

Round Table Trophy - Old Wreck Buoy to St Mary's - 7th August 2009

1st - Bonnet
2nd - Czar
3rd - Nornour
4th -Shah
5th - Slippen
6th - Emperor
7th - Golden Eagle
8th - Lyonesse
9th - Men A Vaur
10th - Dolphin

Simpson Trophy - Tresco to St Mary's - 24th July 2009

1st - Czar
2nd - Bonnet
3rd - Nornour
4th - Lyonnesse
5th - Shah
6th - Golden Eagle
7th - Men A Vaur
8th - Emperor
9th - Slippen
10th - Dolphin

Scillonian Club Triangle - 10th July 2009

1st - Bonnet
2nd - Czar
3rd - Nornour
4th - Slippen
5th - Lyonesse
6th - Shah
7th - Men A Vaur
8th - Golden Eagle

John Jenkins Trophy, St Mary's - Tresco - 26th June 2009

1st - Czar
2nd - Bonnet
3rd - Nornour
4th - Dauntless
5th - ?????????????????????????????

Turks Head Trophy, St Mary's - St Agnes - 19th June 2009

1st - Czar
2nd - Bonnet
3rd - Shah
4th - Slippen
5th - Lyonesse
6th - Dauntless
7th - Nornour
8th - Golden Eagle
9th - Emperor
10th - Men A Vaur
11th - Dolphin

Americas Cup, Guthers - Lower Town - 12th June 2009

1st - Bonnet
2nd - Czar
3rd - Dauntless
4th - Shah
5th - Emperor
6th - Golden Eagle
7th - Nornour
8th - Lyonesse
9th - Slippen
10th - Men A Vaur
11th - Dolphin

Triangle 29th May 2009

1st - Bonnet
2nd - Nornour
3rd - Shah
4th - Slippen
5th - Golden Eagle

Dustcart Trophy, St Agnes - St Mary's - 15th May 2009

1st - Czar
2nd - Bonnet
3rd - Nornour
4th - Shah
5th - Slippen
6th - Golden Eagle
7th - Lyonnesse
8th - Men A Vaur
9th - Dolphin

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Ladies Night : 3rd June 2009

Following the ladies swap on Wednesday night, a few beverages on Porthmellon seemed an ideal way to enjoy the fantastic weather!

Emma Louise

Photograph by Harry Graham


Photograph by Harry Graham

Golden Eagle

Dear Gig Clubs,

St. Mary's Gig Club are on the look out for a gig we could loan for the Summer season whilst the Serica is being restored. This is for our domestic racing season, so an older gig would be ideal.

We seem to have a huge subscription of rowers this year, including juniors, which is great for our club but we have quickly realised we are a gig short for the weekly races! We would be hoping to get any offered boat to the islands as soon as possible and would hope to return the boat at the beginning of October following the end of our racing season.

If you are able to help or have any ideas, we would be most grateful, please email

Thank you
St. Mary's Gig Club

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Friday, 29 May 2009


I was built by Peters for the pilots of St. Martins, and named after an old lady of Scilly, supposed to have possessed ‘magic powers’ who was often seen before my time on the hill waving her bonnet to give the crews power in their arms.
I’ve had many a home, following my early years on St. Martins, I moved to Bryher and then Tresco before being sold to Newquay in the 1950s. Following a much needed restoration I enjoyed a fine time I can tell you, that rowing club certainly kept my planks well oiled. In 1962, whilst on holiday back in the Scillies it was decided that I could stay on a long term loan, which finally resulted in a permanent transfer in 1973 when I was exchanged for the Active. Since then I have worked hard on the Islands, and still like to show those young ones a thing or two when I get the chance, it’s not like I don’t have any experience… I’ll be 180 years old next year!

Taken from the World Championship Gig Brochure 2009

Fixtures 2009


13 May 1st SWAPP20.155.08.00pm
(Long Crow to Tresco)
3 June 2nd SWAP P17.565.88.00pm
(Guthers to Lowertown)
17 June 3rd SWAP P12.144.48.00pm
1 July TO ST. AGNES T/P12.404.58.00pm
8 July 4th SWAP P18.315.38.00pm
15 July TO TRESCO T/P22.534.78.00pm
22 July 5th SWAP P17.516.08.00pm
(St Agnes to St Marys)
(Nut Rock to St Marys)
12 August TO BRYHER P21.275.08.00pm
19 August 6th SWAP P16.555.78.00pm
(Handicap Race)
3 September 7th SWAP P7.30pm
19-20 Sept WOMENS INVITATION WEEKEND7.00pm & 11.30am


8 May 1st SWAPP17.175.48.00pm
(St Agnes to St Marys)
22 May 2nd SWAPP15.575.28.00pm
5 June 3rd SWAPP16.115.08.00pm
(Guthers to Lowertown)
(St Marys to St Agnes)
(St Marys to Tresco)
3 July 4th SWAPP14.564.68.00pm
(Old Wreck Race)
17 July 5th SWAPP12.294.58.00pm
(Tresco to St Marys)
31 July 6th SWAPP13.104.38.00pm
14 August 7th SWAP P23.194.58.00pm
21 August MORLEY CUP
(St Martins to St Marys)
28 August TO BRYHER T22.474.17.30pm
4 September HANDICAP RACE T17.445.57.00pm
11 Sept SPARE RACE 10.184.6

All races are subject to change. For the most up to date infomation please check with the Tourist Information Centre or listen to Radio Scilly on 107.9 FM.

2009 Gig Dinner

This year we have a provisional booking with Tregarthens Hotel for our annual gig dinner on Saturday 17th October.

This will hopefully be a grand event with a 3 course meal and dancing the night away.....

Booking information to come nearer the time, but make sure the date goes in your diary!